3 Social Media Hacks Every Small Business Owner Should Know

Are you a small business owner who often finds yourself staring blankly at your digital device wondering what the heck you should share with your social media followers? Do you sometimes feel like you’re spending countless hours on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, yet question whether your efforts are translating into sales? If you’re squeezed for time and want to make the most of your time on social media, it is imperative that you take a growth hacker’s approach to social media marketing for your small business. Integrate the following three social media hacks into your small business’ growth strategy, and you’ll be impressed at how quickly your audience engagement rates start to soar.

3 Social Media Hacks for Small Businesses 

Cross-Posting Matters

If you want to increase your social media marketing ROI (return-on-investment), learn the power of social media cross-posting. Don’t quarantine your social content to just one platform. Cross-pollinate your prose across multiple social networking sites. Post Instagram images to Pinterest, spotlight your Facebook posts on your small business’s blog. Embed tweets from your Twitter profile into blog posts on Medium.com. Once you start cross-posting your social media content, you’ll feel like kicking yourself for not having discovered this social media marketing hack sooner.

Image Inspiration

Did you know that Google Images is one of the world’s top search engines? Alternatively, you can use Google Images to inspire your social media marketing campaigns? Hunt for inspiration on Google Images by searching for a keyword related to your small business and add the hashtag #QOTD to your search query. You’ll instantly discover thousands of images you can use to inspire your next social media marketing posts. No, this doesn’t mean copy/pasting the images from Google. Only use the content you find via a Google Image search to inspire new social media posts for your small business. You’ll never re-encounter social media writer’s block!

Forum Feeds

If you’re stuck for ideas to share on your small business’s social media feeds, review forum feeds related to your niche on forum search engines like Reddit. Don’t let yourself get sucked down the rabbit-hole of forum reading and posting; simply just read the headlines for relevant forums, e.g., reddit.com/r/smallbusiness. You’ll uncover hundreds of topics related to your target audience that you can offer advice on via social media.

Incorporate these three social media marketing hacks for small business owners into your customer acquisition strategy and you’ll soon feel like a social networking ninja. Small business marketing doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you’re strategic in your approach to content creation and customer outreach.

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