Mission Statement

The visual media has played a vital and influential role in our lives since its inception. The impact can be seen in three areas: Entertainment, Information, and Wealth. Those who control the visual media are able to generate tremendous wealth and influence popular culture. Prior to the advent of the internet, big studios and to a lessor extant, the government controlled visual on media, large and small screens. 

Our mission at UIN is to make media more inclusive for all. Not only focusing on blockbuster movies, we also include riveting independent films, mind bending lectures, and home-grown plays from your community. 

What distinguishes UIN mostly from other companies is our: 

Community Broadcast Platform: It has become increasingly evident that to depend on local media for information is a risky idea. Tim Moore, founder of UIN, won an award from the prestigious journalism organization, Journalism That Matters (JTM), for our business model.

We allow community organization and individuals to broadcast the information about what is really going on in their communities. Unlike Public Access, they can use our network to raise money and secure sponsors for their shows.

Paid Per View; That is right, Paid Per View. Starting at our Enterprise Level of membership, you can get your own 24/7 video store and earn an income and get Paid Per View when someone watches a movies from your online video store. 

You can also market our Subscription Service and added to your income. 

UIN is different, that is clear. When you choose to engage with UIN, you will join us on our journey as we take this ground-breaking idea worldwide. Now, if someone asks “Are U IN?”, you will answer – “Yes I am!”