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UACO Annual July 4th Unity Celebration 2019


African Americans,

We are starting to learn all the horrible things America did to us mentally, physically and emotionally. Guess what, Europe did Africa worse. That is a story for another time, but we are stronger together.

UACO is the nation’s largest organization that works to unite Africans and African Americans together. The Urban Information Network is helping them raise for their annual July 4th Unity Celebration 2019.

The target is $10,000 and we have just a few days to get this done. We will stop accepting funds when we reach the goal and the totals will be visible.

Please be a part of this. Whether you give $1 or $100 it will make a difference. Support UACO by giving your contribution below.

Photos from July 4th Unity Celebration 2018.

More About UACO

UACO was founded in 2001 as a proactive organization that uses creative social and professional programs to positively promote Africans as an integral part of society working towards the development of mankind.

UACO is open to all nationalities and races regardless of sex or creed. UACO is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, cultural, and scientific purposes. UACO is a 501(c)(3) organization (tax-exempt status) in accordance with the US Internal Revenue Code.

UACO’s Advisory Board is made up of people from Africa, the Caribbean, and America.

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UACO July 4th Unity Celebration 2019

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