The Color “Black” Has Always Had Good Meaning All Over The World Until Slavery Happened

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Psychology of The Color Black

In England, spotting a Black cat is considered good luck. Black symbolizes the combination of all colors of the universe. From black, all colors originate and spring up to create the lively rainbow. The Black Belt is the beginning of true achievement, understanding and wisdom, and blending the mind and the body into one, into a unity within oneself and with the universe.

The color black is the absorption of all colors and the absence of all light. In color psychology, black means power and control, and it holds on to information and objects instead of sharing them with others. Psychologically, Black color is known to be intimidating, unfriendly and unapproachable, because of the power it radiates. For instance, a salesman who is dressed in all black will make many sales, but most likely he will not have many friends. He would most likely be the type of person who radiates power and authority – and create fear along the way. The color Black involves self control and discipline, independence and a strong will.

The color Black can also be used to absorb negative energy. Traditionally, it has always been a good idea to bring something Black to protect yourself from harm and negativity. People who appreciate the color Black are usually of the most sophisticated personalities or they see themselves as being sophisticated. The color Black is often seen as a refined color when used in small black dresses, suits and ties. Wealthy and success oriented women often choose the color Black, because it gives an impression of elegance and confidence.

The color black is sexy

Black is often associated with something sexy and seductive. Sexy black lingerie creates a sense of mystery and intrigue, making the black color a safe choice when it comes to underwear. The black color can also mean that you give yourself to someone else (a sexual partner), or the priest dressed in black robes, who gives himself to God. The color black is the end, but the end also always implies a new beginning. When the light comes, black turns to white, as black is the color of the beginning. “In the beginning, there was darkness.”

Teens often have a psychological need to wear black clothes at the stage of their life, where they go from childhood innocence to the sophisticated adulthood. It means the end of a part of their life and the beginning of something new. It allows them to hide from the world, while they discover their own unique identity. It is important that they go through this stage, but there is reason for concern if they continue into adulthood wearing only black clothes and excluding all other colors. Too much of the color black can cause depression and mood swings, and creates a negative environment. If you use other colors together with black, which is recommended, they add positive energy. The color black should not stand alone.


Black is the ultimate darkest color. It is the result of the complete absence or complete absorption of light and contains no shades in its purest form.

This is how the color black affects you

  • You feel hidden and unnoticed in the crowd
  • Provides a restful feeling of emptiness
  • Opens the door to mystery and prepares you for the unknown

When you buy a car in the color black

  • Strength and that you cannot be easily manipulated
  • That you love elegance and appreciate classics

The ancient Egyptians believed that black cats had divine powers. “Blackwash” (as opposed to “whitewash”) is to uncover or bring out in the light. Notice how black is actually used to bring something out of the dark into the light. Black is required for all other colors to have depth and variation of hue. Black is a visually slimming color for clothing and like other dark colors, in interior design, black can make a room appear to shrink in size.