UIN President wins prestigious JTM award

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UIN President wins prestigious JTM award

6 8 2010 Detroit, MI

Journalism That Matters (JTM) is a non profit organization the seeks new ways to improve the flow of information to the public as the old business model of delivering news undergoes profound change.After this weekends national meeting of JTN Tim Moore won the top prize for the UIN operating example.
It is moe critical today than ever that the masses continue to get relevent informaion the they can use to make economic, political and cultural decisions that affect their lives and the lives of their loved ones.
Mr Moore said the template that he has used to build Detroit IPTV will be used throughour the nation. The group of attendees included talented journalist, TV anchors, reporters and others from around tthe country, so it is truly an honor for MR Moore and Detroit IPTV to win this award.

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